Tired of Health Anxiety Running Your Life?


Wish you could overcome health anxiety and live a healthy, fearless life? You can.

Stop settling for endless coping strategies. Instead, achieve a full, lasting recovery from health anxiety, illness anxiety disorder or hypochondria.

Quit the endless doctor or emergency room visits.

Stop checking-in on symptoms, and searching for new ones.

Say goodbye to the physical sensations of anxiety, including panic attacks.

End avoidance of challenging people, places and situations.

Stop feeling trapped in an endless cycle of fear.

Look and feel healthier and better than ever.

Boost your energy, mindfulness, and focus.

Confront anything life throws at you with calm confidence and gratitude.

Feel understood and supported by your loved ones again.

Finally pursue your dreams and enjoy the life you were meant to live.



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 I'm on a mission to end health anxiety.

I'm on a mission to end health anxiety.

Hi, Iโ€™m Christian, and I had health anxiety.

healthy beginnings

At 38, I was perfectly healthy. I rarely went the doctor, and took pride in filling out health questionnaires - ticking no in every box. 

I didn't pay my health much attention - focussing 100% of my energy on family - my lovely wife and two wonderful children, my successful marketing career, and my growing business.

Wake-up call

In a few short years, my father and father-in-law both died of serious illnesses, shortly after being diagnosed.

In September, 2016, I suffered a horrific health scare of my own. I thought I was about to die.

What began as a visit to the Emergency Room led to a vicious cycle of doctor visits, medical tests, fear, panic attacks and a constant feeling of held hostage by a barrage of unexplained physical symptoms.

It was burnt out, lost and incapable of enjoying life.

Finally, answers: Laying in bed one evening in November, 2017, sweating, my heart rate skyrocketed to 140 beats per minute, for no apparent reason.

At the Emergency Room, they ran a series of tests, which all came up negative. They kept asking questions about stress and anxiety. At first, I couldn't understand why. 

Then, it hit me: I was suffering from severe health anxiety (illness anxiety disorder, or hypochondria) - not the physical illness I feared.

In the weeks that followed, I read stories of hundreds of people who've suffered for years - some, even decades. I refused to accept this fate. 

Instead, I created a plan, put it into action, beginning my recovery, my way.

My Recovery

When I realized that health anxiety was not about the presence or absence of illness, but my psychological reaction to thoughts and bodily sensations, I knew that recovery was a process that requires focus and hard work.

Immediately, I stopped hoping the outside world - doctors, tests, diagnoses and the illusive miracle cure - for relief.

Instead, I reached inward, to my thoughts, behaviours and beliefs, and took, consistent, meaningful action to create circumstances conducive to my recovery.

My life began to change, faster than I ever thought possible.

My results after 60 days

I followed a crystal-clear plan, and took renlentless action, improving every area of my life.

I eliminated substantially all symptoms of anxiety.

I deepened relationships with family and loved ones.

I dramatically improved energy, mindfulness and focus.

I acquired a growth mindset, which I apply to everything in life.

I finally began to pursue my dreams.

I created HealthAnxiety.coach to teach you the exact strategies I applied to overcome health anxiety and begin a healthy, fearless life, free of anxiety.

  Christian Newman  Health Anxiety Coach

Christian Newman
Health Anxiety Coach



You might be thinkingโ€ฆ

"How can you help me overcome health anxiety?"

The one thing missing from my recovery was a 1-1 relationship with someone who'd felt the depths of my despair, and emerged healthier, more fearless, and more free than ever before.

Make no mistake: Mental health professionals are critical members of your support system - but they're not often relatable.

I didn't just study health anxiety - I suffered for over a year, built a repeatable, proven 4-step recovery strategy and overcame it in just 60 days.

I'm living proof that you can overcome health anxiety - and I'm with you, every step of the way.

"How is working with a coach different from a psychologist, counsellor, general practitioner or psychiatrist?"

Specialists like these are each experts in a specific approach to your recovery - such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), psychotherapy, or prescription medications.

While coaching is no substitute for the care provided by a trained professional, I saw the fastest, most dramatic results when I augmented their advice with a holistic action-based strategy.

This includes resources and skills far beyond your mental health practitioner's recommendations, aimed at optimizing all aspects of your life.

  • Career
  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Language
  • Leisure
  • Mindfulness
  • Relationships
  • Sleep

I'll help you tie everything together into a holistic, crystal-clear action plan to overcome health anxiety and take back control so you can achieve your most important goals in life.

Ready to live a healthy, fearless life, free of anxiety?

Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action.
— Walter Anderson