My Health Anxiety Recovery Story.


Health anxiety ruining your life?

Why settle for managing your symptoms and struggling to “cope” when you can achieve complete, lasting recovery from health anxiety, illness anxiety disorder or hypochondria?


No more health anxiety symptoms.

No more panic attacks.

No more unnecessary doctor or emergency room visits.

No more fear and avoidance of challenging situations.

No more feeling trapped in an endless cycle of fear.

Look and feel healthier and better than ever.

Boost your energy, mindfulness, and focus.

Confront life with calm, confidence and gratitude.

Feel understood and supported by loved ones again.

Finally pursue your dreams and enjoy the life you were meant to live.



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I'm on a mission to end health anxiety.

I'm on a mission to end health anxiety.

Hi, I’m Christian! 👋🏼

Professionally-trained coach with 18 years experience.

Overcame health anxiety in less than 90 days.

Created a repeatable 4-stage health anxiety recovery process.

On a mission to end health anxiety - including yours!

healthy beginnings

My entire life, I rarely went the doctor, and didn't even pay my health much attention.

At 38, I had it all: A growing family, a successful marketing career, and a thriving business. 🙌🏼

Then, things began to change.

Wake-up call

Between 2011 and 2015, my dad and father-in-law passed away, both shortly after being diagnosed with cancer. 😢

In September, 2016, I suffered a horrific health scare of my own. I thought I was going to die. 😱

What began as a visit to the Emergency Room led to a vicious cycle of doctor visits, medical tests, fear, panic attacks and a constant feeling of held hostage by a barrage of unexplained physical symptoms.

It was burnt out, lost and incapable of enjoying life. 😔

Finally, answers: One evening in November 2017, laying in the ER, doctors and nurses kept asking me questions about stress and anxiety. 🤔

At first, I couldn't understand why. Then, it hit me: I was suffering from severe health anxiety (illness anxiety disorder, or hypochondria). 💡

My doctor recommended a standard course of medication and talk therapy - but I refused to accept the same fate as hundreds of stories I’d read of people who've suffered for years - some, even decades.

I stopped looking externally - to doctors, tests, diagnoses - for solutions to a problem that was rooted deep within me. I began to look internally, and found answers.

With those answers, I began my recovery, my way.

My Recovery

I created a repeatable, 4-stage recovery plan, augmenting my doctor’s advice with:

  • Relentless positive action to reduce or eliminate anxiety risk factors in every aspect of my life.

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).

  • Systematic Desensitization

  • And much, much more.

In other words, I invested in myself. I poured time, money, and an abundance of energy into overcoming health anxiety.

It wasn’t easy. It was HARD work… but my life began to change, fast.

In 60 days, I had my life back. In 90 days I was 100% better.

I eliminated substantially all symptoms of anxiety.

I improved every aspect of my life: Career, Leisure, Relationships, Physical Health, Mental Health, Self-efficacy and more.

I dramatically raised energy, mindfulness and focus.

I acquired a growth mindset, and began applying it to everything in life.

I finally began to pursue my dreams.

Today, I’m better than ever - and on a mission to end health anxiety by teaching you the exact strategies I used to begin the healthy life, free of anxiety, I enjoy today.

Christian Newman  Health Anxiety Coach

Christian Newman



Why work with a health coach?

Health practitioners are an important part of your support system - but they're often not relatable.

Most haven't experienced your symptoms, endured your pain, feared your fear or suffered the setbacks of an anxiety disorder because they haven't experienced and overcome an anxiety disorder themselves.

You don't have to explain your symptoms, pain, fear or anxiety to me.

I totally understand.


I'm your coach

I'll help you tie everything together into a holistic, crystal-clear recovery plan.

I'm your accountability partner

I'll call you out, tell you how you've screwed up, and help you get back on track.

I'm your friend

I'll listen, relate and provide you the guidance and perspective you need to move forward.


Together, we’ll build on your health practitioner's advice with your very own 4-stage recovery plan, integrating Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and more.

With my guidance, you’ll develop the skills you need to overcame health anxiety in as little as 90 days and improve every aspect of your life:


Physical & Mental Health




Values and more.


Ready to begin a healthy life, free of anxiety?

1-minute quiz measures health anxiety and reveals your exact next steps toward overcoming it naturally.


Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action.
— Walter Anderson