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What is Health Anxiety (Hypochondria)?

Hypochondria (and hypochondriac, someone who has hypochondria) is a label that comes with a stigma. As a result, it’s common for people challenged by health anxiety to feel medical practitioners, family members and others are dismissive of their concerns.

Google search interest in health anxiety vs. hypochondria (2004 to date)

It’s no wonder Google search interest in health anxiety surpassed hypochondria about a decade ago, and continues to rise.

Times are changing.

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What Causes Health Anxiety (Hypochondria)

Health anxiety isn't about the presence or absence of illness, but your psychological reaction to a body sensation or discomfort.

You weren't born with health anxiety... nor did you consciously choose to develop it. 

Somewhere along the way, your subconscious mind learned to mis-interpret health-related thoughts and physical sensations, and respond irrationally.

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