Congratulations, you're invited! 🎉

I’m mega proud of you for taking positive action to improve your life and overcome health anxiety! 👏🏼

I want to help you share your story, so we can inspire others challenged by health anxiety to take action.

I'm honoured to invite you to participate in a Health Anxiety Heroes interview. Together, we'll produce super high-quality content that may change the life of one of our listeners.

You'll inspire thousands.

Health Anxiety Heroes tells stories of health anxiety recovery.

By participating in your interview, you'll improve the lives of our audience by inspiring them to:

  • Completely accept health anxiety and take sole responsibility for their recovery.

  • Learn how their thoughts, behaviours, beliefs and patterns in life contribute to health anxiety.

  • Apply their knowledge and take meaningful action.

  • Grow and begin a healthy life, free of anxiety.

I'm targeting 1,000 views per month by April 2018 and I've already received commitments from some incredible guests!

Christian Newman  Host of  Health Anxiety Heroes

Christian Newman
Host of Health Anxiety Heroes

You're busy - so I made it fast, easy and fun!

Here's how it works:

1. Reserve your spot. Pick any 45-minute slot that works for you.

2. Do your interview. At the scheduled time, we’ll meet online and jump right into the interview.

3. Enjoy. Your high-quality video interview will be syndicated to a global audience on Youtube, and on social media.

4. Promote. You'll receive a free Health Anxiety Heroes marketing kit when your interview goes live, making it super easy to share it with your audience. Your marketing kit includes:

  • A link to your interview on Youtube and

  • Links to social media channels where your interview is being promoted.

  • Link to your interview's show notes page.

  • Health Anxiety Heroes artwork to post on social media.

Wall of fame

The 10 most downloaded interviews earn a spot on the Health Anxiety Heroes Wall of Fame to keep your audience growing.


Your interview.

I'll ask you to tell the stories of specific moments in your journey so our audience can feel your emotions, learn your lessons, and be inspired by your commitment to personal growth.

Then, you'll share your favourite resources for audience members who are ready to begin a healthy life, free of anxiety. 

  1. Introduction
    I'll give a quick intro, then let you tell our audience about yourself.

  2. Early Signs
    Share when and how health anxiety began. How were you feeding your anxiety, and how did it impact your life?

  3. Accepting Health Anxiety
    Tell the story that moment when you finally accepted health anxiety, and decided something in life had to change. Tell us what happened that caused you to think different about your health, how you felt, and what you learned.

  4. Your Recovery
    Tell me what changes you made in your life, and share the story of a big breakthrough in your recovery - when you discovered how to overcome a challenge that was holding you back. What was it, and what did you do to propel yourself forward?

  5. Your Life Today
    Share your proudest moment since overcoming health anxiety, and what you're most excited about, right now.

  6. Your Anti-Anxiety Toolbox
    Open your anti-anxiety toolbox and share your favourites with our audience:
    ● What's your favourite quote and how do you apply to your life?
    ● What's the best decision you've ever made?
    ● What’s the number one anti-anxiety life hack you use every day?
    ● If you could recommend just one product or resource to help our audience life a healthy life, free of anxiety, what would it be?
    ● What's the one book you want everyone challenged by health anxiety to read?
    ● What's the one question nobody asks, but everybody should, to get to know you better?

  7. Audience Challenge
    If you could leave our audience with a challenge - something they can do today to begin a healthy life, free of anxiety, what would it be?


Download your interview now.


THANK YOU for being so generous with your time.

Note: By participating in the Health Anxiety Heroes interview, you agree to allow to record and distribute the podcast in any manner, and for to retain rights to the produced media for future use in speeches, presentations, articles, books, online content and in all other public distribution.