76% of those challenged by health anxiety have no recovery plan.

Benjamin Franklin nailed it: “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” ✌🏼

I know this because for a LONG time, I had NO health anxiety recovery plan. 😔

My brief history:

👉🏼 November 17, 2017: I accepted health anxiety and made a definite decision to overcome it. I followed all my doctor’s advice: I took medication and started counselling.

👉🏼 January 20, 2018 (62 days later): Dissatisfied with little-to-no progress, I finally created a health anxiety recovery plan.

👉🏼 60 days later: I had my life back.

👉🏼 90 days later: I was 100% better.

👉🏼 Today: I’m healthier, happier, growing faster than ever, and on a mission to end health anxiety for all (including you). 📈🙌🏼

It got me thinking...

Was I the only one who knew he had to overcome health anxiety, but had no idea where to start, how to measure progress, and what to do next? 🤔

So I asked followers:

“Do you have a health anxiety recovery plan?”

Not a goal. Not intentions. Not ideas. A real, documented plan of action. 📋

✖️ “I’m hoping I can move forward (after ________).” → Not a plan.

✖️ “I’m praying and letting God’s will be done.” → Not a plan.

✖️ “I’m applying tips found online, and going with the flow.” → Not a plan.

The results: 76% of respondents have NO recovery plan. 🤯

Christian Newman  HealthAnxiety.coach

Christian Newman

Overcoming health anxiety must be intentional.


I learned three important lessons during my 90-day health anxiety recovery:

  1. Healing is NEVER automatic. It won’t happen on its own, no matter how burning your desire. Continuing to suffer from health anxiety IS automatic.

  2. Healing MUST be intentional. In other words, you must have a PLAN, you must INVEST in yourself, and you must TAKE ACTION. The same goes for worthwhile achieving in life, right?

  3. Healing MUST be holistic. There’s no single lifestyle change, skill, practice, therapy, supplement or medication that leads to health anxiety recovery. Only you, with the help of a coach, can tie together all the resources available to help you overcome health anxiety.

Your recovery plan doesn’t have to look any specific way. It won’t be perfect. It may not even be complete at first. But it must exist, it must be intentional, it must be holistic, and it must be yours.

Create your health anxiety recovery plan today.

If you’re like most people challenged by health anxiety, you know that in order to overcome health anxiety, you need a plan - and that without a plan, you’re likely to fail.

There’s just one problem: You don’t know where to start, and what should, and shouldn’t, be included in your plan. 😔

Not anymore.


Announcing My Health Anxiety Recovery Plan 🎉

My Health Anxiety Recovery Plan is an easy-to-use yet powerful template to help you quickly and easily create your very own recovery plan so you can start overcoming health anxiety today.


You’ll create a plan to reduce or eliminate anxiety in every aspect of your life.


You’ll adapt it to your unique lifestyle and health anxiety recovery needs.


It’s based on the exact recovery plan I used during my 90-day health anxiety recovery.

Just imagine…

Having the confidence of a rock-solid plan to take positive action and improve your life.

Being able to see and measure real progress.

Feeling the support of your doctor, family members and loved ones when they congratulate you on recovery.

With My Health Anxiety Recovery Plan, you don't need to feel stuck, alone or helpless anymore.


My Health Anxiety Recovery Plan captures your plan to improve every aspect of your life.









Values and more.

With My Health Anxiety Recovery Plan, you’ll finally take back control so you can begin a healthy life, free of anxiety.



What format is My Health Anxiety Recovery Plan?
It's an online Google Docs template, so you can access it from any device - no software required. If you like, you can print it out when you're done, so you can your loved ones can sign it.

Is My Health Anxiety Recovery Plan based on 90 days, just like your recovery?
It provides an opportunity for you to specify a duration for your recovery plan, if you like.

Does My Health Anxiety Recovery Plan include 1-1 coaching?
No, it's for people who want to create and implement their own recovery plan, but don't know how to create one from scratch.

How do you know My Health Anxiety Recovery Plan will help me?
Having a plan helps everyone - and this template is completely adaptable to your specific lifestyle and recovery needs. The one thing that's guaranteed NOT to help, is to have NO plan at all.

How has My Health Anxiety Recovery Plan worked for others?
It's a template based on the exact health anxiety recovery plan I used to completely overcome health anxiety in 90 days.

With My Health Anxiety Recovery Plan, you’ll create a crystal-clear, actionable, holistic plan to overcome health anxiety naturally.


Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action.