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Congratulations, you've taken your final step toward health anxiety recovery! 👏🏼

I'm mega proud of you for taking it with me today!

Grow is the fourth (and final) step toward living a healthy, fearless life, free of anxiety.

At this stage, you're crystal-clear on your goals, have fallen in love with your progress, and practiced patience as you learned from multiple setbacks, fine-tuning your recovery plan along the way.

As you perfect your practice and approach self-mastery, you'll find yourself free from the symptoms of anxiety, and better equipped than ever to focus on achieving your BIGGEST goals in life.

Sound good? Then let's get this anti-anxiety party started.

In few minutes, you'll receive another email containing exactly what you must focus on right now to perfect your practice and begin applying a positive, growth mindset to every area of your life.

Make sure you read my email all the way to the end, because explains how to access free resources to help you complete this stage even faster than you think.

But first, say hi on social media while you wait for my next email to arrive.

Talk soon.

  Christian Newman  I'm on a mission to end health anxiety.

Christian Newman
I'm on a mission to end health anxiety.