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Hi, I'm Dr. Brittney Chesworth

I am a licensed therapist, researcher, educator and coach. I’ve spent the past 15 years helping people become unburdened by health anxiety so they can live more freely and joyfully. Health anxiety is one of my favorite things to work with because I personally struggled with this for so long. I’ve wasted many of my years living in fear of disease and dying. I know how real this struggle can be. You are not alone. 

It wasn't until I tried cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) that I started to notice significant changes in my fear of disease. CBT is a short-term, skill-based, action-oriented type of intervention that reshapes unhelpful thoughts, beliefs and behaviors. CBT is considered a first-line psychological treatment for health anxiety. Inspired by my personal growth and change, I decided to specialize in CBT and began using these methods with my clients. I've watched my clients experience remarkable transformation in their lives, in relatively short periods of time, through retraining their brain to see health and illness more adaptively.